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Cluny Media has published a collection of homilies by Most Rev. J. Augustine Di Noia, O.P. (STB ’69, STL ’71). The homilies in are arranged by the liturgical year. Archbishop Di Noia was .

国产偷拍视频Dr. John-Mark Miravalle (STL ’04) discussed the ideas in his recent book in the .

国产偷拍视频Fr. Pius Pietrzyk, O.P. (MDiv, STB 2006; STL 2009), explained the Church’s practice of refusing to admit pro-abortion politicians to Holy Communion in in an .

Fr. Ken Sicard, O.P., (MDiv, STB ’89) has been named as the . He succeeds Fr. Brian Shanley, O.P. (MDiv, STB 1986; STL 1998), who was the College’s longest-serving president.

国产偷拍视频Fr. Patrick Briscoe, O.P., and Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P., have started a In the premiere episode, they discuss the purpose of apologetics.

Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein (MA ’10, STB ’13, STL ’14) gave the annual at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. The title of Dr. Goldstein’s talk was “Sponsa Christi国产偷拍视频: What Edith Stein Taught Me About the Mystery of Spiritual Motherhood.”

国产偷拍视频Fr. Pius Pietrzyk, O.P. (MDiv, STB 2006; STL 2009), Chair of Pastoral Studies Department at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, was interviewed in a documentary on challenges to the seal of confession. Both Fr. Pietrzyk and Fr. Gary Selin (MA 1999), formator and professor at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver were interviewed for a on the sacrament.

A Living Sacrifice: Guidance for Men Discerning Religious Life, was recently published by Vianney Vocations. Co-written by Fr. Andrew Hofer, O.P.国产偷拍视频 (MDiv ’01, STL ’02), and Fr. Benedict Croell (MDiv ’98), O.P., the book is intended as a guide for young men who are thinking about religious life, regardless of the particular community. Fr. Hofer and Fr. Croell were by Catholic World Report.

国产偷拍视频Fr. Peter Stravinskas’ (STL ’88) homily for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, given at New York City’s Church of the Holy Innocents, has been published online at .

On May 25, six Dominican friars were ordained to the priesthood by Most Rev. Robert Barron at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception: Antoninus Samy, O.P. (STB 2018, MDiv 2019), John Paul Kern, O.P. (STB 2018, MDiv 2019), Joseph Martin Hagan, O.P. (STB 2017, MDiv 2019, STL 2019), Norbert Keliher, O.P. (STB 2018, MDiv 2019), John Mark Solitario, O.P. (STB 2018, MDiv 2019), and Paul Mary Clarke, O.P. (STB 2018, MDiv 2019)

The priestly ordination of (MDiv 2018), took place at St. Louis Bertrand Church in Louisville on May 11. His first Mass was held at that church the following day.

国产偷拍视频Mr. Juan María Mas Feijóo, S.J.S. (MA in Theology 2019), a seminarian of the Saint John Society, was ordained to the diaconate on May 18 by Most Rev. Alexander K. Sample, Archbishop of Portland in Oregon. The ordination took place in St. Mary’s Parish in Corvallis.

国产偷拍视频Fr. Benedict Olusegun Faneye, O.P. (MDiv ’94), has been at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, St. Mary’s d’Youville Pavilion, St. Mary’s Residence, and Central Maine Medical Center, all in Lewiston, Maine.

Fr. Bill Garrott, O.P. (MDiv ’94), was profiled in and for Catholic News Service, on his mission as an itinerant preacher.

国产偷拍视频Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein (MA ’10, STB ’13, STL ’14) shared her opinion of Pope Francis’ recent comments on a female diaconate, in an .

Fr. Sebastian White, O.P. (MDiv 2012, STL 2014), was interviewed on The Journey Home. Baptized Catholic, he worshipped in Assembly of God, Evangelical Free, and Anglican congregations before returning he was helped to see the beauty and reasonableness of the Catholic tradition. Into the interview, he also shares what led him to the Dominican Order, and some facets about his work as editor-in-chief of Magnificat.

In an , Fr. Ezra Sullivan, O.P. (MDiv, STV 2009), professor of moral theology at the Angelicum, commented on a recent AI symposium in Rome in which he participated. The symposium was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See.

At Providence College, – saying Mass, offering advice to students, and helping residents cope with a fellow student’s sudden death.

Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein has written a memoir of her amazing journey of faith. Sunday Will Never be the Same: A Rock & Roll Journalist Opens Her Ears to God国产偷拍视频 is now available for order from online retailers such as  (the book’s publisher) and .

国产偷拍视频Fr. Patrick Briscoe, O.P. (STB ‘15, MDiv ‘16), is Associate Pastor at St. Pius V Church in Providence. In an , he wrote about the presences of the incorrupt heart of St. John Vianney at the SEEK 2019 Conference.

In the wake of the announcement of the first gene-edited babies, microbiologist and bioethicist Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, O.P. (MDiv ’03, STL ’05), considered the ethics of using the molecular editing tool CRISPR, in .

, Fr. Hugh Vincent Dyer, O.P. (MA ’02; MDiv ’06), answers the question of a grandmother who wants to teach her grandchildren how to keep Advent sacred.

国产偷拍视频Fr. Ezra Sullivan, O.P. (MDiv/STB ’09, STL ’11), Associate Professor at the Angelicum, has taken part in panel discussions sponsored by Humanity 2.0. He’s with Linkedin Chief Data Office Igor Persic; and with Persic and CNN correspondent Delia Gallagher, has discussed the topic “”

Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein (MA ’10, STB ’13, STL ’14) was interviewed by Marcus Grodi for EWTN’s “Journey Home.” The program is . Dr. Goldstein says, “Our conversation ranges from the sublime (my conversion) to the serious (healing from abuse) to the ridiculous (Zager & Evans).”

Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P. (MDiv & STB ’85; STL ’87), talks about his 20 years as Editor of the English North American version of Magnificat in a . Fr. Cameron is now Director of Formation & Ecclesiastical Liaison for the national youth ministry .

Fr. Michael Gaitley, M.I.C. (STL ’08), was regarding his book , Marian devotion, and his priestly vocation.

国产偷拍视频Among those addressing the current revelations and allegations of clerical abuse and cover-up are:

In advance of the USCCB’s general assembly, Jayd Hendricks (STL ’05) wrote an . Hendricks is a former senior staffer at the USCCB and is currently Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships at The Augustine Institute.

国产偷拍视频Dr. Ralph Martin (STL ’09), president of Renewal Ministries, addressed the issue in an open letter, “” and elaborated on it on the .

Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein (MA ‘10, STB ‘13, STL ‘14) wrote an , sharing her view that in the wake of the allegations against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, members of the USCCB owe it to the faithful to do collegial penance. She has appeared on to discuss the abuse crisis and how survivors may find healing, and was quoted at the end of a . She was also interviewed by Kathryn Jean Lopez for the Aleteia国产偷拍视频 article, “” and for the .

Theology professor and Director Fr. Dominic Legge, O.P. (MDiv ’06; STB ’07; STL ’08; faculty), offered five points as a remedy in an .

Fr. Timothy Vaverek (STL ’91) contributes to the online column The Catholic Thing. His recent articles include, “,” “,” and “.” Fr. Vaverek is a priest of Diocese of Austin.

Mr. Thomas Peters (STB ’09) contributes to CatholicVote, where his latest column is, “.”

Fr. Peter Stravinskas (STL ’88) is a contributor to Catholic World Report, which has published September 9 homily at Church of the Holy Innocents, Manhattan, “.”

Rev. Jordan Lenaghan, O.P. (MDiv ’94, STL ’96), Executive Director of University Religious Life at Quinnipiac University, spoke about the issue to .

Fr. Jonathan Kalisch, O.P. (MDiv, STB ’02), is the Director of Chaplains and Spiritual Development for the Knights of Columbus. He was during the 136th Supreme Convention in Baltimore.

国产偷拍视频Fr. Reginald Whitt, O.P. (STB ’74, former president) was about his path to the Catholic Church. Fr. Whitt is currently staff canonist in the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

国产偷拍视频Fr. Pius Pietrzyk O.P. (MDiv, STB ’06; STL ’09), is Chairman of the Department of Pastoral Studies and Assistant Professor of Canon Law at St. Patrick’s Seminary and University. He was interviewed by the , Magazine of the Diocese of Sacramento, regarding natural disasters – whether God sends them, whether God is indifferent to suffering, and how good can come out of tragic events.

, a groundbreaking RCIA video program that carefully teaches catechumens the key tenets of the Faith. The accompanying guide book walks candidates through the course, introduces them to the treasures of the Catholic faith, and is a valuable reference during their formation and beyond. Faculty and alumni authors and contributors include Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P., Fr. Raymund Snyder, O.P., Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P., Fr. Dominic Legge, O.P., and Fr. Aquinas Guilbeau, O.P.

In , alumnus Fr. Peter Stravinskas (STL ’88) reviewed , written by his former teacher here, Fr. Romanus Cessario, O.P. (STB ’70; STL ’72).

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